Choosing the Best Scrubs for Your Shift

Choosing the Best Scrubs for Your Shift

Congratulations! After years of studying you graduated from the Nursing school and you are starting your first job at a hospital or a healthcare facility. 

You are in luck if your workplace is providing you with a few pairs of nurse scrubs. But you are deservingly feeling that you are one of Charlie’s Angels and those baggy scrubs do not make you look or feel like one of the angels. 

But we came a long way since the days when your only option was the hospital provided scrubs. There are so many great options out there to make you comfortable all day and also feel like you can embrace any challenge you might come across during your shift. 

Here are a few important factors we collated to pay attention to when choosing your scrubs:

  • Colour: You might want to find out if there are certain colour codes your particular department wants you to wear. Is it royal blue, baby blue, green, sage, navy blue, black or burgundy? Our colour range offers all these colours in most styles. Find out what your colour options are which should eliminate some brands or styles for you right off the bat. 
  • Style: This one is always a personal choice. Do you like classic straight legs or more athletic style? Do you want your scrubs to be figure enhancing or a little baggy? Do you like elastic waist band or a cord? Are you looking for something more than your classic V neck, some details on the collar maybe? 
  • Fabric: Thanks to more recent textile technologies, we have innovative fabrics such as STEINZ's Proprietary FenyX® Fabric with SilverPlus® Antimicrobial features. These type of moisture-wicking innovative fabrics keep you at the right temperature all day without feeling cold or warm. It has four-way stretch capabilities which will provide you all-day comfort as you go through your shift. 
  • Comfort First: This does sound like a compromise on the chicness but it does not have to be! Look for four-way stretch and temperature control features when you are going through the details of the apparel. It should state if the fabric is stretchy and moisture wicking to keep you fresh all day. 
  • Fit: You want your scrubs not too snug but nicely fitted so it does not get in the way. 
  • Function: You will find out very soon what you need to carry out with you all day from room to room. Does your scrubs have a pocket to hold your phone, a pen, your keys? Do you need additional pockets for more stuff? We have scrub tops that come with 5 pockets and bottoms that come with 7 pockets. After all, it is better to be prepared than not. 
  • Practicality : Look for fabrics that do not require ironing which will help your prep routine in the morning. You dont want to be spending more time than necessary getting ready for your shift. 
Hope this was helpful in getting ready for your new job as a nurse. We congratulate you and wish you the very best in your career. 





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